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In 2019 a group of real estate developers dreamed of a new way to address the growing attainable housing shortage. They imagined tradespeople completing multiple construction processes simultaneously inside a factory to accelerate the time-table of construction. The dream is now reality as we deliver a consistently superior product faster...and pass the savings on to you. There is a better way.

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Volumod is a volumetric modular construction facility founded in 2021 on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis, Indiana. We construct multi-family, single-family and light commercial in an environmentally-controlled factory.

The innovation of factory construction provides opportunities to address common challenges which threaten to derail conventional on-site construction. Volumetric production leads to greater efficiency, reduction in delays and labor shortages that routinely occur on a traditional job site. Unencumbered by weather or material inefficiencies, volumetric construction continues rain or shine, producing an efficient, sustainable, high-quality product at an affordable cost. Find out more about how the modular construction - the next big thing - can save you money.


Together with other Indianapolis community organizations, Volumod is actively working to revitalize the Far Eastside of Indianapolis by providing a great place to work. We're also passionate about providing an attainable housing solution to working households in Indiana and beyond. Find out more about how we're impacting our community.


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Matthew Crouch, Invest Sequoia

Ethan Fernhaber, Renewing Management, Inc.

Mark Young, Urban Property Group

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