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We know that the process of Modular Construction is new to some, especially in the Midwest. If you have a question not addressed below, feel free to reach out:

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How do you construct buildings inside a factory?

We break the construction process down into dozens of processes that are completed simultaneously. Our highly-skilled work force completes a portion of the project - framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, roofing, etc. before the unit moves down the line. With this efficient approach we are able to cut timelines in half and deliver a superior product much faster than traditionally-built houses.


Do you build according to any building codes?

Volumod builds to the local code requirements of the where the building is placed. These requirements are exactly the same codes that site builders use.


How long does it take to construct a building?

The construction process is the fastest part of the process. Projects can be built in a matter of a few weeks or months depending on the scope of the project.


How well are Volumetric units built?

One of Volumetric building's many advantages is consistently high-quality products. We utilize the latest technology and equipment to minimize any variances in materials. Floors, walls and roofs are constructed on squared jigs to ensure all components fit precisely. We use single-part and two-part adhesives for all panel adhesion to create a rigid structure as well as eliminate common problems like floor squeaks. Department functions are broken down into very specific tasks to allow our employees to become specialists in their areas. 


What are the Volumod Payment Terms?

  • 20% of the entire order is due 60 days prior to the production date.

  • Volumod invoices completed modules weekly.

  • Payment is due by the last day of following month or prior to shipping, whatever comes first.

How can Volumod save me money?

Our approach to building cuts the time it takes to construct a project by 30% -50%. This efficiency translates into real cost-saving for developers in terms of carrying cost, generating revenues faster, more efficient builds and high, consistent quality of product.


How does the unit get to my development site?

After the unit undergoes our stringent inspection process, it is loaded on a carrier and transported to your job site. A crane then gently lifts and sets it on your prepared foundation or basement, and can be assembled into duplexes, apartments, townhomes, or single-family homes in a short time. Volumod will put you in contact with industry specialist’s to conduct the transporting, setting and finishing of these projects.


Do you sell individual homes to customers?

At this time we only build houses for developers or municipalities who are purchasing multiple units. We encourage individual home buyers to work with one of our authorized dealers.


What's it like to work in your factory?

We are passionate about our product, but more passionate about our people. Check out what makes our company culture unique here


Where are you based?

Volumod is based on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis and serves a roughly 300-mile radius of Indy.


How are Volumod units shipped?

Volumod modules are shipped on industry-specific carriers to give the maximum amount of support to the building during transportations.


How much work is required to be done on site?

The amount of site work is dependent on the design of the building. Generally speaking, the units are 75% to 95% complete when they leave the factory. Typically, some interior, exterior and mechanical connections are completed on site. At least one of our experienced team will be on site to work with local contractors and the crane company to ensure a smooth installation.


What type of foundation is required?

This component of the build is consistent with structures that are constructed on-site. Our structures are placed on a crawl space or a basement.


What is the sales process like?

Our market development manager will meet with you initially to determine the type of structure you are looking to build. Whether it be single-family or multi-famly we will give you a rough estimate for the construction. When you are ready to move forward, we will work with you on developing a floor plan and elevations for a small deposit that will go toward the price of your purchase. Once the floorplan is finalized, we will move to the contract phase of the project





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