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Includes Delivery & Crane Set*

Perfect for all types of projects, the Laurel model fits a typical city lot. The open-concept floor plan features upgraded specifications. We’re offering warehouse direct prices that won’t last until Spring! Interested? Fill out the form below and a member of our staff will contact you!

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*The price includes delivery and set on your lot and foundation within 30 miles of the Volumod factory; deliveries outside this area will incur an additional charge. Homes must be delivered within 45 days of factory completion. Colors and finishes are included but not customizable. Contact us for more details; additional fees and exclusions may apply.

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Introducing the Volumod Affiliate Program, where we offer a 3% referral fee to architects, brokers, real estate agents, general contractors, engineers and developers of the total invoice price on builds completed in our Indianapolis factory in 2024. You’re interacting with our potential customers daily, and we deliver our single-family and multi-family modular housing to the Midwest!


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30-50% FASTER = $AVING$ 

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Volumod builds year-around inside a factory delivering high-quality units to your development site. We're meeting increasing attainable housing demands faster, with guaranteed pricing and without expensive delays. 


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We don't just build houses.


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Because Time is Money.

Learn more about the process of factory construction and how condensing your construction timeline means a faster return on your investment. 





(Turn on the Volume for the Modular Experience.)

  • Do you sell individual homes to customers?
    At this time we only build houses for developers who are purchasing multiple units. We encourage individual home buyers to work with one of our authorized dealers.
  • How does the unit get to my development site?
    After the unit undergoes our stringent inspection process, it is loaded on a carrier and transported to your job site. A crane then gently lifts and sets it on your prepared foundation or basement, and can be assembled into duplexes, apartments, townhomes, or single-family homes in a short time. Although Volumod doesn't provide transportation and installation services, we can connect you with service partners who can assist with these aspects of your project. Volumod will put you in contact with industry specialists to conduct the transporting, setting and finishing of these projects.
  • How do you construct houses inside a factory?
    We break the construction process down into dozens of processes that are completed simultaneously. Materials are securely stored in a protected warehouse to prevent damage or deterioration from moisture. During construction, our highly-skilled work force completes a portion of the project - framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, roofing, etc. before the unit moves down the line. With this efficient approach we are able to cut timelines in half and deliver a superior product much faster than traditionally-built houses.
  • How long does it take to construct a house?
    The construction process is the fastest part of the process. Projects can be built in a matter of a few weeks or months depending on the scope.
  • How can Volumod save me money?
    Our approach to building cuts the time it takes to construct a project by 40% -50%. This efficiency translates into real cost-saving for developers in terms of carrying cost, generating revenues faster, more efficient builds and consistently high quality of product.
  • What's it like to work in your factory?
    We are passionate about our product, but more passionate about our people. Our unique culture promotes all aspects of employee wellness.


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Developers / Builders

For more information about our products or to speak with the Volumod sales team, contact

Headquarters & Factory

3049 N Post Rd,

Indianapolis, IN 46226

Phone: 317-552-0021


To apply for a job with Volumod, please fill out the employment application below. Questions? Contact

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